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Nailed It Design

making the web better for 1639 days and counting...

Hello, We are Nailed It Design.

We are a passionate, experienced and downright talented web design & development agency based in Hull, East Yorkshire. We are experts in WordPress and Magento eCommerce, we only ever build responsive to devices and everything, absolutely everything is done in house! We do a few other bits and bobs too..Branding? Graphic Design? Web Support? E-Marketing?! Yep, we do all that!  So..what are you waiting for? Go on, have a scroll and a good nosey at what we do – we do it so so well!

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  • order-confirmation

    Posted | 3rd Sep 15

    Creating a Custom Order Success Page in Magento

    You’ll all know the process.. You enter all your details, confirm your order and all you get in return...

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  • instasliderthumb

    Posted | 14th Aug 15

    Slick Slider with Instagram Feed

    Slick Slider with Instagram Feed This is a very simple and flexible way of getting Ken Wheelers Slick Slider and...

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  • facc-imp

    Posted | 3rd Jul 15

    Make Foundation 5 Accordion Better

    If you take a look through all our previous posts and tutorials you will quickly realise that Foundation 5...

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  • Magento tutorial

    Posted | 3rd Jun 15

    Simple Product Image switcher for Magento

    In most projects default Magento product image function just doesn’t cut it. So simply put, heres a better one. Simple...

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  • gd2

    Posted | 20th Apr 15

    How to develop a website using Chrome Developer Tools

    When it comes to the development of a website, the initial development at Nailed It will start on a...

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  • mobile

    Posted | 17th Apr 15

    Mobile Friendly / Responsive Website to help with your Google Ranking

    On the 21st April Google will be letting rip with their new algorithm which is aimed toward mobile friendly...

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  • Untitled-2

    Posted | 15th Apr 15

    Keep Google Happy With a Mobile Friendly Website

    Eagle-eyed internet users who are keeping an eye on the latest news in the world of Google will be...

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  • cf7

    Posted | 20th Jan 15

    Improving / replacing the Magento Contact Form

    Well completely ripping it out would be a better description for this post, just that no body would have searched...

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  • responsive web design

    Posted | 7th Jan 15

    Better Magento homepage banners

    Ok, heres the situation, your client wants a scrolling or fading carousel banner on the homepage. A pretty standard...

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  • acfradio

    Posted | 2nd Dec 14

    ACF conditional radio buttons on options page

    Ok so you have an ACF generated options page using ACF Pro. Im going to show you here a...

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  • Untitled-6

    Posted | 2nd Dec 14

    How to install WordPress locally on a Mac

    In this tutorial I will show you how to install WordPress locally on a Mac. There are many positives...

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  • twitter

    Posted | 25th Nov 14

    An Extremely Simple Twitter Feed

    In this tutorial I will show you how to implement a really simple twitter feed to anywhere on your...

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